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2023 Nature's Inspirations Calendar

The Best of 20 Years!

This year is a celebration of 20 years of Nature’s Inspirations calendars. It’s a celebration of the best of the best images published in these 20 years of calendars; all from my amazing journeys around the globe, many taken on film before the digital migration. And... Read more...

Fine Art Exhibition & Film

“Against All Odds" Emperor Penguins

A women's fortitude to trek into inhospitable conditions turns magical... My Dream is to share this story wherever I can – schools, museums, zoos, educational venues – to inform, to inspire, to evoke. It represents just as great a potential for children as it does for adults. Read more...

Winner of a
Lone Star Regional EMMY® Award -
Dee Ann Pederson's film,
"Against All Odds: Emperor Penguins Of Snow Hill Island, Antarctica"

The evening of Saturday, December 5th was filled with anticipation … and frayed nerves … as the Lone Star Emmy Show live-streamed its awards ceremony. And then I heard, “The winner is … ‘Against All Odds: The Emperor Penguins’" … YES! - the most exciting moment of my photography career. The virtual setting made it all seem a bit unbelievable and surreal; BUT when THE EMMY statue arrived and I held it in my hands for the first time and read the inscription, I can tell you there is no feeling like it!!!

My mind flashed back 20 years, returning from my first photography trip to Africa, when I KNEW without a doubt I wanted to do more with my life ... and that my corporate world was not it. I was scared to death to give serious thought to giving up a business I helped build, and enter the world and career of a nature photographer, but through a number of years of transition and the profound words of my life coach Bradford Glass, who would say when I would start to doubt myself, "You can and will make this happen” … I now feel I have accomplished "more" because I have something meaningful to share with others and the stewards of tomorrow.

I am deeply grateful to those who supported me early in this endeavor, and to those who have been so instrumental by my side on this journey; but none of it would be possible without the beauty of our natural, yet fragile world. Please do be kind to her and care for her well.

I knew the Emperor Penguins were magical. And I can't wait to return.

~ Dee Ann