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The Courier
Dundee, Scotland

The Courier, recently published the story of Dee Ann’s travels, including her EMMY® award nomination and her hope to bring her film and photography exhibition to the Discovery Point Museum in Dundee. Enjoy the Full Story Here...

Limited Edition Book

Immerse Yourself in the Pulse of Life

Winner of two awards, "Africa in My Soul" takes you on a soul-touching journey of nature's magnificence in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. This spectacular volume includes Dee Ann's most memorable images spanning 12 years in East Africa. Your purchase will "pay the gift forward". Read more...

Press Kit

“Against All Odds"
Short Film

A place of extremes, of vulnerability, of vastness, of unknowns. Yet teeming with life. Emperor Penguins are magical. The ecosystem that supports them is fragile. The journey to experience it all tested my determination and fortitude. Read more...

Winner of a
Lone Star Regional EMMY® Award -
Dee Ann Pederson's film,
"Against All Odds: Emperor Penguins Of Snow Hill Island, Antarctica"

The evening of Saturday, December 5th was filled with anticipation … and frayed nerves … as the Lone Star Emmy Show live-streamed its awards ceremony. And then I heard, “The winner is … ‘Against All Odds: The Emperor Penguins’" … YES! - the most exciting moment of my photography career. The virtual setting made it all seem a bit unbelievable and surreal; BUT when THE EMMY statue arrived and I held it in my hands for the first time and read the inscription, I can tell you there is no feeling like it!!!

My mind flashed back 20 years, returning from my first photography trip to Africa, when I KNEW without a doubt I wanted to do more with my life ... and that my corporate world was not it. I was scared to death to give serious thought to giving up a business I helped build, and enter the world and career of a nature photographer, but through a number of years of transition and the profound words of my life coach Bradford Glass, who would say when I would start to doubt myself, "You can and will make this happen” … I now feel I have accomplished "more" because I have something meaningful to share with others and the stewards of tomorrow.

I am deeply grateful to those who supported me early in this endeavor, and to those who have been so instrumental by my side on this journey; but none of it would be possible without the beauty of our natural, yet fragile world. Please do be kind to her and care for her well.

I knew the Emperor Penguins were magical. And I can't wait to return.

~ Dee Ann